Summer in the Czech Republic

Back in August 2010, I had one of the best summers of my life, mainly because we were staying in the Czech Republic for about two weeks. We rented a little place in the small village of Dolní Dvůr, located in the Krkonoše Mountain region (the “Giant Mountains”) and explored the surrounding area from there.

Summer in the Czech Republic, golden hour in the mountains.

A Summer in Dolní Dvůr: Precious Memories

That summer in the Czech Republic was one of the first times I was using my DLSR camera, so my technique was lacking. Still, I very much treasure the memories I made through these photos. Importantly, it was also the trip that jump-started my interest in travel photography. It motivated me to start documenting my travels through blogging.

This post features photos I took within the borders of Dolní Dvůr, from a warm summer evening exploration after dinner. My brother and I went on a short hike around the area on a sunny afternoon. If you were wondering, the boy in some of the photos is my (then fourteen-year-old) brother.

I’ll be posting a few more photography posts about my trip to the Czech Republic. So, do keep an eye on my blog if you’re interested!


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