Climbing Snezka: Adventures in the Czech Mountains

Hi guys, today I’m posting part 2 of my 2010 summer trip to the Czech Republic. Sněžka (roughly translated as “snow top” or “snowy top”) is located in the Krkonoše Mountain region (the “Giant Mountains”). The Karkonosze National Park is situated in both the Czech Republic and Poland. Whether you’re looking for a snowy winder expedition or a sunny summer hike, climbing Sněžka Mountain is never a bad idea!

The Czech Mountains: Best of Europe’s Alpine Area?

At 1602 metres its summit is the highest of the Czech Republic. We hiked part of the mountain on a sunny summer day. It’s a wonderful memory for me, although I do remember some pretty scary parts as well. There were a few narrow paths where you’d better not fall, or it would have been the last hike I’d been on. Along the way, we also spotted some cool little critters. I found a metallic blue beetle, beautiful white butterflies, and a fuzzy orange caterpillar.

Climbing Snezka: How to Get to Czech Mountains

The best way to climb Sněžka Mountain is to consider taking the cableway at Pec pod Sněžkou (Petzer). The cableway can go all the way to the top, but there is also another station midway the mountain: Růžová hora. You can choose to get out at the top or Růžová hora, depending on how long you would like to climb the mountain. When weather conditions are bad, the cableway only stops at Růžová hora. I would recommend doing the entire descend by foot! It doesn’t take all day and the views are gorgeous. Just be careful on the narrow paths!

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