If you would like to work with me or have a question about my blog, don’t hesitate to leave me a message using the contact form below. Alternatively, feel free to send me an email at roselindebon(@) Please communicate in either English or Dutch.

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  1. Hi Rose Gud morning….
    i need some help from your side.
    can you tell me how we can insert image in the header of our blog as it showing in your blo.
    i am really ver much impressed with you.

    1. Thank you! To insert a header you will need to go to your blog’s dashboard (you can go there by clicking on your blog name on the top left e.g.), click on “Appearance” > then click on “Header” and you should be able to upload a header. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey,
    I know this might sound off but would you mind sharing how did you make main/blog area be wider? Im very new to .css and .php so i would really appreciate some help.
    Thank you in advance

      1. Hi again, Seems that feature of the theme is different in .com and .org. but i have managed to fix it in CSS anyway. Thanks for your replay :)

  3. Thanks for getting back to me – it took me a while to understand, but I think I now get it :). so I just create a ‘custom menu’ using html code, and upload that text box with the code into my sidebar/footer area as required – is this correct? Thanks so much for your help – I always wondered how people designed such nice menus!

  4. Dear Roselinde,

    your website is lovely! Please can you tell me how you created the custom menu on the right? “Photography'”Design””Travel” etc. I write a science blog for A-level students and would love to create a custom menu for my site – I know how to create a custom menu, but not how you managed to insert the images :-) I am using a similar theme to yours on a website I am helping a friend with –, this is how I stumbled upon your site :-)

    Thank you!


    1. Thank you and sure! :) What I actually did to create the “custom menu” in my sidebar is to use plain html code (so using the “text” option at the widgets page). Like stated here:

      So the first url is the page where you would like your image to link to and the second url is your actual image url.
      I hope this makes sense, I just created the images myself and linked them through to the corresponding category.

      Best regards,

      1. I just sent you an email asking the same question as Zara, and then I saw her question and your answer. I know how to make image links with HTML, but it never occurred to me to do that in a text widget. I wish I were as good as you are with making images, though! Maybe I will find some… or maybe I can use large open font glyphs that look like icons… gives me some neat ideas. Thanks!

        1. Glad I could be of some help! Sorry I only saw this message just now and already sent you a reply by email, but please ignore that now hahah ;)

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