Visiting Pendine Sands in the United Kingdom was a lovely way to absorb the fresh air, but it was also a great moment to appreciate the Welsh natural landscape. It may have been cold, but the sun was shining and the birds were singing their songs. I have rarely seen such a long stretch of beach, with nothing else but yellow-toned sand in sight.

Grassy hills along the Pendine Sands shoreline.

A view of the sea at Pendine Sands.

An overview of Pendine Sands, with nothing but sand stretching out into the distance.

February Days in Carmarthenshire: Visiting Pendine Sands

All of these photos were taken on a chilly but beautiful winter’s day at the beach in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The sun was shining and plenty of families were out on a walk with their dog. We climbed up the dunes and could see much of the surrounding area. The beach seemed to stretch away into the distance for miles and miles.

Colourful tables are waiting for the summer season at Pendine sands.

My brother looks out on the Pendine Sands beach.

A view of the rocky shoreline at Pendine Sands.

Visiting Pendine Sands in winter is a nice opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.

I visited the United Kingdom with my parents and brother in February 2011.