Photo Festival BredaPhoto 2014

BredaPhoto is an international festival for contemporary photography. BredaPhoto takes place every two years and first started in 2003. The 2012 festival attracted around 50.000 visitors. The theme of  the BredaPhoto 2014 edition was “Songs from the Heart”. The theme is briefly explained on the festival’s official website:

With this theme, BredaPhoto 2014 dives into 21st-century Romanticism. We focus on romantic ideals like authenticity, sincerity and uniqueness which have been around for over two centuries, but which are still very much alive today.

I’ve been to several of their editions and have always been super impressed by the quality of the participating photographers and their work. I very much appreciate how most of the festival is freely accessible to the public, which is obviously something I fully support. BredaPhoto is one of those events that makes me proud to call Breda my hometown! I can easily spend over an hour just walking around and getting to know new photographers; they always produce a diverse collection.

This year, Stéphanie Roland’s “Ideal City” series was probably my favourite. I’m even planning to write a short essay about her imaginative photos about climate change and the Earth’s future. Already looking forward to visiting BredaPhoto 2016!