A Taste of Italy: My Bologna Food Log

It’s time for another travel post: a Bologna food log! As you may have noticed, I recently spent a few days in Italy for a conference. Thankfully, after the conference ended, we still had most of the the weekend to go explore the historic city centre. We made a list and visited as many places as we could, squeezing in lots of Italian ice cream along the way. By the way, I bet this is the first time you’ve seen an ice cream where a hat! Only in Bologna.

Bologna Food Log

Le Due Torri.


Breakfast in the Sun

Saturday morning we were going to meet up with a few other students we met at the conference to go see the Towers of Bologna (Le Due Torri). We were going to enthusiastically climb to the top of one of the towers, so we decided to first have something to eat. We sat down at a little cafe across the two towers and had a very tasty croissant. The view of Bologna from the top of the tower ended up being absolutely incredible, I will definitely write an additional blog post about the towers soon!

Lunch in Bologna.

Sharing a Traditional Lunch

Later in the day we all wanted to have a drink (that ‘Mojito’ is actually a lemon ice tea in disguise), so we thought we would also share a light lunch together. Most of the cafes and terraces were filled with people having a similar type of meal, so we thought we would do like the natives do. The cheese was exceptionally nice, but I’m super Dutch so probably also somewhat biased towards dairy-based products.

Seafood pasta.

Seafood pasta.

The Classic Pasta Dinner

That evening my friend and I decided we weren’t going to leave Italy without having eaten pasta at least once. Full of confidence, we went on the lookout for an affordable yet pleasant-looking restaurant. We ordered two pasta dishes, one of which was a very delicious seafood pasta. The dining experience itself was quite nice, until one of the waiters apparently got annoyed when we were calmly finishing our drinks after dinner and having a nice conversation. He asked us to please leave already and nearly snatched the glass from my hand. Oh well!

Italian ice cream.

Italian ice cream.

Lots and lots of Italian Gelato

Needless to say, I made use of every opportunity throughout the trip to have a little ice cream break. I’m already such a big ice cream fanatic, so how could I be in Italy and not eat some glorious gelato every day? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Bologna food log. Admittedly, I haven’t included every single thing I ate during my stay in Italy. Still, I hope this at least gives you a little taste (best pun ever made). The food at the conference was even tastier, but I didn’t want to seem too offensively lame by taking pictures of my meal at a fancy dinner party.

Lots more Bologna posts to come, see you soon!


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