Documenting the Beijing Street Style

It’s time for something different today: yep, some fresh and trendy Beijing Street Style! Look at me pretending to be a hip and trendy fashionista instead of a boring old travel blogger! I have to admit, the title is a little bit of a lie. Some of these photos didn’t technically take place on a ‘street’, but still! It’s fashion in public places, so people are strutting their stuff to show it off. That’s all that matters, right? You can probably tell I don’t do this very often.

I thought it would be really cool to make a little compilation of the most creative outfits. I spotted these fabulous fashionistas either at the Summer Palace, Tienanmen Square, Lama Temple, Forbidden City, or Temple of Heaven park. Most likely, many are actually fellow tourists rather than Beijing urbanites. But we’ll ignore that little detail for now, won’t we?

Platformed Slippers and Leather Backpacks

Platformed slippers and sandals were definitely all the rage, although those skin-toned nylon socks the woman with the face mask is wearing weren’t quite as widespread an accessory among the younger generation. Those medium-sized faux leather backpacks were also everywhere to be seen, frequently worn on the belly instead of the back. I tried to buy one for my sister in a touristy area but they said no haggling and to meet their price I would have probably had to have sold a kidney first (slight exaggeration).

Summer Hats Everywhere

Another item that definitely shouldn’t be missing from your Beijing fashion collection are summer hats. I’m talking all possible colours and sizes. You name it and someone in Beijing will be wearing it while stylishly avoiding any unwelcome facial bronzing. Except maybe a pirate hat. You probably won’t find many people on the street wearing those. Anyway, the variation of hats seemed practically infinite, so I decided to make this little compilation of hats I saw around Beijing. I especially like the girl’s cap in the bottom right corner that says “Whisker Stain”.

I almost bought one of those little head-umbrellas, since it was also frequently raining. Holding an umbrella in one hand while trying to take a photo with your camera in your other hand can be quite the challenge. So, I figured it would be the most practical solution. Never happened though, I decided to put on a rain poncho and went to buy another ice cream instead (priorities).

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