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Bedroom Decor Inspiration: Part 2

Since I will be moving soon, I’ve been looking for inspirational decor ideas around the web. Since it will be a small room, I’m pretty sure I will be spending a lot of time just chilling in my bedroom. My surroundings can really have an effect on me. I always get really stressed out when my room is messy and feel a lot better when it’s tidy. What’s even more important is the general decor around me. I generally prefer light (white) and open rooms with a few vibrant pops of colour. It will be a student pad, so it will have to be low-budget. For that reason, I’ve been searching the web for some easy decoration ideas and possible DIY projects. Have a look at what I found!

Easy Pinboard Decoration

One of the easiest and inexpensive ideas is to hang up a pinboard (bulletin board) or magnetic board, like the one in the photo. You can easily print out some thoughtful quotes, posters, or magazine pages. When you get bored of the designs, you can just switch them up and put up new prints. Of course, you can also use it to pin your to-do lists, to help you remember important deadlines or appointments. I think a pinboard would look great above my desk or in my kitchen.

DIY Cloud Decoration

This cloud decoration idea must be one of the easiest yet prettiest DIY’s I saw floating around the web. All you need is some cotton balls, fishing line (or any transparent type of cord) and you’re practically done! You can get cotton balls at any drug store. The combination of the clouds with the blue walls makes it look even better.

DIY Sofa Bookcase

I really like this idea a lot! I figure it doesn’t need to be a difficult project at all, as long as you manage to find a really sturdy bookcase that’s not too tall. Just pick a corner in your room, cover the top of the bookcase with some comfortable cushions to sit on. Add some colourful throw pillows on top and you’ve got yourself the coolest sofa bookcase in town.

Travel Style: Big World Map

This style of room wouldn’t involve any intense DIY projects, but I really like the balanced look of this decor. The blue and green of the big world map sets the colour-scheme for this bright and open-spaced room. The mirror above the bed reflects the sunshine and beams extra light into the room. The wooden floor and wicker chair add a splash of texture. I’m all for the world map above my desk, I’ve got a multi-colored one that’s definitely going up!

Photo Branch DIY

This wouldn’t be the easiest DIY project of the bunch, but I love the idea of putting branches on the walls to hang up photos, keys, basically whatever you want! You can paint them any colour you want to suit your own decor. You could even put four or five to make it look like a tree that’s branching out on your wall. Love the idea!

DIY Photo Collage

This photo collage is another easy one that swiftly adds lots of character to your bare bedroom walls. My parents have actually done a similar thing with all their postcards they collected from holiday, so I know it’s not hard to do at all. All you need is some mini clothes pegs, some cord, and a few nails or pushpins to hang up the cord. You can hang up photos of all your favourite trips or memories. Again, super easy to refresh the photos when you want a change of scenery.

What do you think of this collection of bedroom decor inspiration? Do you feel like revamping your bedroom, any DIY projects you’ll be tackling?

I also posted a Part 1, you can find it here.

This blog post was updated in July 2016.


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