Why You Should Go (Window) Shopping in Barri Gòtic

I recently went on a short escape to Barcelona! I only had two full days to see all I wanted to see, so I couldn’t really feel my feet at the end. But it was all worth it! On the first day I visited Park Guëll, the Sagrada Familia, Passeig de Gràcia, La Rambla and the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter). The sun was already setting when I turned east from La Rambla towards the Barri Gòtic. Soon it was completely dark, since it was still early in the year. Thankfully, most of the shops were still open and I had a wonderful time window shopping in Barri Gòtic. The lights made every window display seem even more magical.

Come Window Shopping with Me in Barri Gòtic

Shop in window in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)

Hat shop in Barri Gòtic, Barcelona.

Antique shop in Barcelona.

Shopping in Barri Gòtic: The Oldest Part of Barcelona

Barcelona is best known for its modernist architecture, especially that of Gaudí. But I have to admit, strolling around the Barri Gòtic was definitely the highlight of my visit to Barcelona. The Barri Gòtic is the old town centre of Barcelona city. The entire area is like a labyrinth of narrow alleys and streets that lead to numerous little town squares.

Because the streets are so narrow, most of the quarter is a pedestrian area. You will barely see any traffic. The Gothic Quarter is still the oldest part of Barcelona city and most buildings were built several centuries ago. Many date back to the medieval period and some even have a historical connection to Roman settlers.

La Balicia Galeria in Barcelona.

Shop window in Barri Gòtic, Barcelona.

Shop window in Barcelona.

Shop in Barri Gòtic.

Cockroach Necklaces and Porcelain Camels

This historic character gives the Barri Gòtic a very romantic charm, especially when you see all the quirky shops selling fancy hats, decadent art objects, antique knick knacks, and, of course, stylish cockroach necklaces. The shop selling these necklaces is called La Basilica Galeria. The gallery was a treasure trove of unconventional, though strangely alluring items, mostly jewellery and perfumes. You can find it a stone’s throw away from the Barcelona Cathedral. I recommend having a look inside, even if you aren’t planning on buying a broccoli bracelet.

Shop window in Barcelona's Barri Gòtic.

Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), Barcelona.

Visit Shops in Barcelona on Google Earth

Opposite the Santa Maria del Pi Church, I also found a shop called Ganiveteria Roca. The shop sold anything sharp and/or pointy (and probably strictly forbidden on airplanes), like kitchen items, scissors, and shaving tools. You can retrace my steps and visit the shop virtually by seeing inside the shop on Google Earth. How cool is that? The perks of the age of the internet!

I didn’t even buy anything (I’m on a student budget people), but I completely enjoyed myself just gawking at all the magical displays. If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona soon, you should do it too. I mean, if you’ve actually got a good budget, you can do more than just look; you can find a totally unique souvenir too!

Window shopping in Barri Gòtic was fun enough to entertain me for a good hour. If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, you have to put an afternoon of (window) shopping in the Gothic Quarter on your to-do list!


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  1. Wow amazing post – so informative, curious and pleasure to read! The Cockroach Necklaces got me a little scared though! :)))

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