Autumn 2013

  1. The last few autumn leaves at my parental home in Breda.
  2. Some days the weather was freakishly mild, even nearing 20 degrees celcius on this particular day. I celebrated this rare occasion by eating a popsicle!
  3. On one of my bike trips around Amsterdam, I found an empty outdoor pool somewhere in the Amsterdamse Bos. Blogpost coming soon!
  4. The transition from summer into autumn is always marked by several heavy storms.
  5. I tried to catch the falling leaves on one of my bike trips.
  6. After going out for dinner with my sister, we stopped by the fair in the centre of Amsterdam. It turned out to be a questionable decision, since it started raining so heavily that my sneakers turned into miniature swimming pools.
  7. In October,  I met up with two of my most awesome friends to look at monkeys, fish and meerkats at the Artis Royal Zoo.
  8. These black leather booties turned out to be perfect for the rainy weather!
  9. In an effort to capture the end of autumn, I hopped on a train in November to go explore De Vuursche.

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