Artist Spotlight: Kitkat Pecson

Featuring in the Artist Spotlight this time around is illustrator, designer and self-proclaimed “artventurer” Kitkat Pecson! She likes to “deliver color with a knockout punch”. This 21-year-old who originates from Chicago already has an impressive CV with many notable achievements under her belt, both academically and within the realm of art.

Kitkat Pecson

Well, her designs sure managed to knock me off my feet. I am completely in love with her style of illustrating! The composition of her illustrations and designs are perfectly matched with deliciously bright colours. They always come together to form a feast for the eyes. Every one of her pieces reek of pure imagination and creative virtuosity. Without exception, they lead you into unique, but distinctively “Kitkat” created dream worlds. Below is a selection of my favourite works by Pecson. Visit her website for more of her designs, it is worth the while!


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