Amsterdam: Diemerzeedijk Cycling Route

Diemerzeedijk Cycling Route

A few days ago, I was out and about running some errands and enjoying the sunlight. For a portion of my trip,  I cycled along the Diemerzeedijk between Amsterdam and Muiden. It’s always nice to squeeze out of the urban jungle for a little while and enjoy some quieter areas as well (not counting bleating sheep or hissing geese).

I hopped off my bicycle for a few minutes to explore the other side of the dike and got a much better view of the IJmeer. When I strolled to the water’s edge, I found someone’s old hideout! Nobody had obviously visited for a while and the only sign of recent activity was a big pile of dog poop. I felt like a true detective (without a crime scene).

Did you know: Chemical Waste Dumping

P.S. These are some cool photos (and stories) of Diemerzeedijk’s history: [1] [2]. It’s one of the oldest dikes in the country (constructed somewhere between 1200 and 1300), but did you know it was used for dumping chemical waste for a long time?


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  1. You have an eye for catching line and figure in your pictures, Roselinde, and integrating the beauty of the environment with them. Really nice.

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