Amstelland: Dutch Landscapes


Yesterday was a gloriously sunny September day and I decided to hop on my bicycle to head to Amstelland, a mostly rural area surrounding the Amstel river (south of Amsterdam). My dad grew up around this area and he had advised me to go cycling to Botshol some time ago. Having just started university again, I decided to use my soon to be very limited free time to go outside! Botshol itself was pretty much inaccessible by bike, but I managed to explore much more of the nearby villages and polder.

Dutch Landscapes

When you think of “Holland” (which, by the way, is  not really synonymous to “the Netherlands”), these are probably the type of sights you would be thinking of. You would be right, kind of. It’s these horribly flat meadows filled with cows and sheep; a sight I’ve mostly grown tired of. Sometimes though, I alllow myself to briefly appreciate the typical Dutch landscapes, like Amstelland. And maybe also today, whilst editing these photos.

Free Stuff

On my way back to Amsterdam, I cycled past this box of free stuff, mostly comprised of books about dog training, weight-loss and the German economic system. Thankfully, I also found some summery (that’s not an actual word) postcards and this cool “vintage” roadmap of Europe! That’ll go on one of my walls at one point in my life (not today).


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    1. Hahah, I was hoping someone would ask that! 😛 It basically translates into “hands off our beautiful ronde hoep”. The Rondehoep is a larger natural (polder) area which includes Amstelland. The sign was put there in protest of developers wanting to build in the area…

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