Aerial Wallpapers Show the Beauty of Planet Earth

With the recent rise of drone footage, we’ve all learned how to appreciate the environment form above. Still, however far your drone can rise in the skies, nothing beats a satellite image. In the end, the bird’s-eye view can’t really top the space station’s-eye view. Aerial Wallpapers is a new Tumblr blog that knows how to fully appreciate this scale. The blog features majestic satellite images of planet Earth in the form of free smartphone wallpapers.


Planet Earth in a Smartphone Format

The wallpaper website seems to have been created about two weeks ago by Brazilian graphic designer João Paulo Bernardes, who forages the web for the most gorgeous satellite images with creative commons licenses. He then crops them and (legally) posts and distributes the images in the form of aerial smartphone wallpapers.

Aerial Wallpapers of Planet EarthAerial Wallpapers, taken from space

This is definitely the type of open content-powered project I fully support, such a great idea! I feel like everyone secretly dreams of living in space for a little bit. I suppose a wallpaper like this is just a little step closer to that fantasy! If you still happen to be looking for a snazzy smartphone background, I suggest you snatch up one of these lookers.

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