6 x Amazing Landscape Art

Snow Drawings

Snow Drawings at Catamount Lake by Sonja Hinrichsen is part of her series of huge snow drawings.  Sonja has been doing these incredibly impressive pieces of landscape art for a few years already, often with help from volunteers. This particular drawing is from February 2013 at Catamount Lake in Colorado.


Barry Underwood‘s Scenes project is a “intersection of land art, staged photography, and Minimalist sculpture”. The photo above, entitled Orange, 2007, is part of Underwood’s ecological exploration of light pollution on natural places.

Alternative Landscapes

Benoit Paillé‘s collection of Alternative Landscapes features a glowing LED square, which he describes as a “human element that forms a relationship with nature and helps it to be reborn”. Paillé explains that he was first inspired to do this project during Christmas season 2011, as he imagined “hanging decorations in weird places”.

Leaves No. 1

Leaves no. 1, 2011 by Thomas Jackson is part of a series of Emergent Behaviour. The project is inspired by “self-organizing, ’emergent’ systems in nature such as termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish and flocking birds”. Jackson constructs these landscape installations in effort of creating an “uneasy interplay between the natural and the manufactured”.

Motion Exposure

Motion Exposure by Stephen Orlando is the product of Orlando’s fascination with “capturing motion through time and space into a single photograph”. The photo above is a non-photoshopped light trail from the path of a kayak paddle with “changing colors [that] invoke a sense of time”.

Light’s Edge

Kevin Cooley‘s landscape art project “light’s edge” is involves a series of snowy landscapes by night, illuminated by strange beams of artificial light. Cooley created his works, including the above photo Badlands 2, Lyman, 2008, using long exposure techniques and a military-grade emergency flare.

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