5 Happy Links

  1. Let’s Travel Somewhere is a growing collection of some of the best travel photography out there. Seriously, I could spend an entire day just browsing through this website, you have to go see it. After I’ve finally managed to sort out my portfolio, I’m going to try to become a contributor. I know I’m definitely not up to that level yet, but I have nothing to lose!
  2. Find Momo is all about….finding Momo! Momo is an awesome dog that hides in his photos, challenging you to find him. Andrew Knapp is one of my favourite instagrammers at the moment, as it’s a perfect combination of dog and travel.
  3. Gemma Correll is currently my favourite illustrator, I even devoted an entire paper to one of her illustrated puns for my “Narrative Across Media” course just recently. I really admire her work! Her pugs never fail to make me laugh, so I suggest following her on Instagram as well, it’ll cheer you up (if needed)!
  4. Admittedly, I’m not interested in make-up tutorials all that much, but recently I’ve really enjoyed watching Tanya Burr‘s videos. She seems like a really sweet and genuine person, so I like to tune in to her YouTube channel every now and then.
  5. I haven’t found many travel blogs that focus on the Middle East, but Mademoisielle is a really nice blog that combines bits of fashion with some really great travel photography. You should check it out!

Sorry for not keeping up with the weekly “Happy Links” as promised, I’ll try again from now on!

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