Mini Travel Guide: What to Do with 48 hours on Bali

I have just gotten back from an incredible trip to Indonesia, filled with stunning sights and amazing animals. I also spent two days on Bali and it has only left me wanting more. Nonetheless, I’m really happy to have been able to see some of the highlights that Bali has to offer. I’ll definitely have to book a trip to go back soon! But first, I’ll share the best things you can do with 48 hours on Bali. From majestic temples, stunning views, surfing lessons, and breathtaking sunsets: you can have it all.

What to Do with 48 hours in Bali

Monkeys at Uluwatu Temple

Day 1: Visit Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu sea temple that honours the gods of the sea. The temple is located on top of a cliff that overlooks the Indian Ocean. The stunning view from the temple grounds is one of the best in Bali. Uluwatu is considered one of the six holiest places of worship of the province and should definitely not be missed during your 2 days in Bali.

Uluwatu is home to an impressive population of macaques, so prepare to see some mischievous monkeys. They’re adorable and entertaining, but also incredible cunning. Keep an eye on your smartphone and put your sunglasses and bottles of water in your bag! Traffic in Bali can also be a bit of a nightmare, so take your time to get to Uluwatu and don’t leave too late into the day. The entrance fee for the temple grounds is 30,000 IDR. It is advisable to bring a sarong or wear long pants or a maxi skirt.

Day 1: See the Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu

Balinese dance is world-renowned for its artistic value and highly-developed hand gestures. One type of dance that is particularly spectacular is the Kecak dance, also known as the “Monkey Dance” or “Fire Dance.” The sure way to see Balinese dance is to combine your visit to the temple with a flaming dance performance in the evening. After exploring the temple grounds, you should make sure to buy a ticket (100,000 IDR) for the Kecak dance performance at Uluwatu. The performance takes place every day at sunset.

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple

Day 2: Relax and Try Surfing at Kuta Beach

Even if you only have 48 hours to spend in Bali, you should take it slow and relax for a little bit. If you try to squeeze an impossible amount of activities into those 2 days, you will only end up feeling exhausted. So, in the morning, go for a walk or a swim and enjoy the laid-back temperament that Bali is known for.

Bali Indonesia

Later in the day, head to Kuta Beach (“Sunset Beach”) and try surfing! The waves at Kuta are known to be ideal for beginners, so make sure to take some lessons at one of the many surf schools. I went with Odysseys Surf School and had an amazing time. I managed to stand up on my first try! They have photographers that film and take photos, so you can show your Facebook friends how amazingly athletic you’ve become. If you’re already an experienced surfer, you can easily rent a surfboard.

Surfing at Kuta Beach Bali

Day 2: Catch the Sunset and Go on an Evening Stroll

If you give surfing a serious try, you will probably feel a bit tired in the evening. Change into something casual-chic, have a nice ocean view dinner at one of the trendy beach clubs, and watch the sunset . After dinner, head back to the beach and go on a relaxing stroll. Take in the view, feel the warm air on your skin, and enjoy the Bali beach vibes while you can.

Kuta Beach Bali

Bonus Tips: Bali Foodie Recommendations

Majestic Smoothie and Pizza for Lunch: Pepenero

A cool lunch option on your way to Uluwatu Temple is Pepe Nero Bali. The restaurant specialises in Italian food and their thin-crusted pizzas are pretty amazing. What’s more, their Instagram-worthy smoothies are simply captivating. They serve a collection of creatively named creations that will make your hipster senses tingle with joy. I decided to go with the bright pink “Khaleesi” smoothie, made with dragon fruit.

Trendy Dinner and Drinks: Ku De Ta

Looking for a trendy place to spend your evening? Ku De Ta, one of the best restaurants in Bali, is definitely the place to go. They serve Balinese dishes, as well as international cuisine from all over the world. Ku De Ta’s popularity is also due to being one of the best beachfront spots in Bali to have a few drinks while watching the sunset.

This blog post was made possible by the Trip of Wonders 2016 in #WonderfulIndonesia. A very special thanks to Indonesia.Travel for inviting me on this incredible journey!


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