Happy Links: 4 Awesome Travel Instagrammers

Travel photography on Instagram is booming. I would say it is one of the major genres, along with fashion, lifestyle, and interior design. That being said, I do think the travel community on Instagram is starting to look a little bit monotone. It seems that everyone is uploading the same kind of photos: a ‘follow me to’ whatever tropical island setting, somebody posing with their arms in the air on top of a mountain, or a bikini babe posing next to the swimming pool. I found four awesome travel Instagrammers, however, who are simply doing their own thing.

1. Kevin Russ

I think Kevin Russ is still my absolute favourite Instagrammer. There is just something about the way he can appreciate a good landscape. Whether it’s the forest, the desert, or the beach, Kevin knows how to handle his (smartphone) camera. That’s right, most of his stuff is shot with an iPhone, how cool is that?

2. Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang posts a perfectly balanced combination of food, fashion and travel. I simply love her style. She has a unique sense of aesthetic that really communicates her tastes and personality.

3. Foster Huntington

I just found out about this guy, but Foster Huntington is one hell of an Instagrammer. He does the coolest things, and doesn’t make it look like the mainstream aesthetic. Check him out if you’re into an adventurous lifestyle.

4. David Guttenfelder

David Guttenfelder is photojournalist with National Geographic and documents North-Korean life, which I find very intriguing. But the coolest thing about his style is that he doesn’t show life in the way you would expect it. He passionately combines his artistic tendencies with his mission to document life, which makes his feed a true pleasure on the eyes.

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