The Edge of Amsterdam: Rural-Urban Dwellers

Today the sun was shining brightly. Unfortunately, I was pretty much stuck inside with a lot of deadlines staring me in the face. When the afternoon sun started to fade, I couldn’t just stay seated behind my desk anymore. I decided to get my bicycle and get some fresh air.

I had no destination in mind, so I just randomly headed up north from Amsterdam, towards Waterland. I cycled to the edge of the city, ending up in somewhat of a rural-urban fringe. Lots of people were out on walks and birds were just chillin’ at their usual spots.

I also spotted a few people busily working in the water. I’m not quite sure, but they seemed to be fixing upping and doing some kind of dredge work (enlighten me please). Then suddenly, a bright red helicopter flew overhead and I managed to get a good shot just in time.

It all resulted into this weird post. I’m glad I decided to bring my camera!

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