Flower stands and souvenir shops close to Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Views of the Seine and Eiffel tower in the distance whilst crossing one of the bridges (Pont Notre-Dame) over to Île de la Cité.

Frontal view of the Notre-Dame Cathedral on Île de la Cité, just after Christmas.

The famous Centre Georges Pompidou, which houses one of the largest public libraries and largest European museum of modern art (Musée National d’Art Moderne), among other things.

Here’s an impression of what Paris looks like on a cold winter evening!

My mother and I visited the city last December, a few days after Christmas 2013 and just before New Year’s. It wasn’t actually that late into the night, probably no later than half past 7.

It’s weird going through these photos in the middle of summer, it certainly doesn’t make me look forward to next winter…

On the other hand, this also reminds me of the insane amount of crêpes I consumed during those few days. Oh yeah.

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