Antwerp’s Chinatown, the only (officially recognised) one in Belgium, was really more like a Chinastreet. The grand-looking building in the background is the city’s captivating central station.

A (presumably) Indian sup(p)ermarket, closed for business on monday mornings.

This ferris wheel can be found at Steenplein (Stone Square), along the banks of the Scheldt river.

This kind of statuettes of Virgin Mary can be found all over town, reflecting the city’s Roman Catholic background.

The Antwerp City Hall, built during the 16th century and an important landmark.

A quick peek through the closed greenhouses at the botanical garden revealed a legion of cacti species.

Exploring Central Antwerp

One day, back in December, my friend Esther and I went on a little trip to Antwerp to go explore the cityThe main streets were full of character and impressive architectural delight, which I tried to capture in this post. However, we also noticed that any neighbourhoods outside of the centre of town were quite desolate. Many houses and shops were unoccupied or up for rent. Hopefully things will soon pick up! Nonetheless, it was a wonderfully jolly day spent eating Belgian waffles and running around in playgrounds.

I still have plenty more to share, so keep an eye out for part II coming soon!

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  1. I’ve passed in front of the Chinatown n a few occasions but didn’t walk through it. Maybe I’ll do so next time. Sadly, the Asian culinary scene is rather lacking in Brussels!

    1. Dankjewel Femke! 😀 Antwerpen heeft zeker zijn mooie kanten, het is een bezoekje waard. Ik moet er wel bij zeggen dat de Chinatown echt maar één straatje is, maar toch! 😉

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