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  1. Hi Roselinde, I love your website… its packed with interesting countries and I had to start closer to home – I might live in the West Midlands – not quite Wales … but my family was born there in Felinfoel.

    1. Thank you Stephen! We stayed near the coastal region for about a week, but I wish I had been able to explore more of Carmarthenshire, I hope I’ll be able to go back one day for a longer period of time 🙂

      1. Thanks for replying so quickly, it great talking to some one about their work – and the country I love – that’s if you love the coast / greenery and rain! My fiancé and I moved to Cornwall 6 years go to live on the southern coast line and very similar (but not as hilly)! But due to he lack of work we now live in the middle of the Uk… No coast, no sun, sand or surf! But lots if sales!

        Keep up the travel! It’s great fun!


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