Hi guys! One of my afternoon classes got cancelled yesterday, so I decided to go to a museum. I was browsing the web for suggestions and suddendly noticed that the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde in Leiden recently started their GEISHA exhibition. I’m super interested in East Asian cultures and have admired Geiko culture and traditional Japanese arts for years.

Arriving at the museum, I was shocked at the amount of kimono’s on display; those things are extremely expensive! Especially ensembles worn by maiko and geiko (geisha) are costly. I guess this reflects the museum’s strong ties to Kyoto, being allowed to borrow such an amount of valuable and generally inaccessible items.

I was quite impressed, so I definitely have to recommend the exhibition. I will soon publish a photography post about the exhibition, but I first want to share the short vlog I made of my visit. I hope you’ll enjoy!


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