African Sunset

These photos were taken in June earlier this year, whilst I was abroad for a community project. I hadn’t gotten a chance to explore much of South Africa yet and I was really excited to see more of the Helderberg area.

Gordon’s Bay

On one of my days off, I took a break and visited Gordon’s Bay, a coastal town very close to where I was staying. I was dealing with a bad stomach bug at the time, so the whole day I relaxed on the beach with a book, soaking up the sunbeams. At the end of the evening, I watched the breathtaking African sunset until it got dark.

Even though it must sound like a pretty uneventful day, it’s probably one of my best memories of my trip to South Africa!

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  1. Roselinde, the landscape is really amazing. I love sunsets and this one is beautiful. I see that Gordon’s Bay is in front of Cape of Good Hope (Cabo de Buena Esperanza) where the history is plenty of feats, glory and honor, but also of wars, strife and humiliation of many countries of Europe in african lands. History finally, in a beautiful land.

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