I don’t really hate autumn. I do enjoy sleeping underneath my warm blanket, wearing knitted scarves, drinking hot chocolate, and eating boerenkool. But once the last red and yellow leaves fall from the trees, I start counting the weeks until spring. Because spring means summer is coming.

Since autumn is now right on our doorstep, I thought I would pay some homage to spring 2014. I never got to post these photos, mainly because I never really had any motive for taking them in the first place. As I feel kind of low-spirited about the end of summer, I thought now would be the perfect time to post these photos! They were taken on different days in the month of April at places around both Amsterdam and Breda.

P.S.: Earlier this year, I posted about the start of spring in my post about the cherry blossom season.

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6 Replies to “Echo of Spring

  1. The photos are wonderful, Roselinde. Wish we could look forward to that again. Autumn is upon us here. Temps are now in the 50/60s (F) daytime and 40s at night, rainy, windy, cloudy days, and the leaves are turning and starting to fall. I know summer can’t last forever, but it’s just too soon for such a sudden change.
    Is it the same where you are? Personally, I love summer, and could have it all year long. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s pretty much the same over here, though the temperatures are still very mild (60/70s), which is nice! But the gloomy, cloudy weather is a real mood downer! I think because we had such an early spring over here the leaves started falling off early too…Summer is my favourite season too! 🙂

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