Sunset Cycling in Belgium

A few days ago, I was cycling through the north-western outskirts of the Belgian town of Turnhout. It was around 8 o’clock on a warm summer evening. Since it was a bit too hot to be biking around during the day, I decided to go out a bit later.

Even though you can’t really spot anyone in these pictures, there were still lots of people outside. They were fishing, swimming, cycling, strolling around. Many were having a drink or eating ice cream at a local cafe.

In sping and summer, I always love going out and about around this time in the evening, since the dying light makes for such interesting shadows and hues.

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6 Replies to “Belgium: Sunset Cycling to Turnhout

  1. Funny, last year around this time I was on a business trip to Turnhout! Cute little city, I very much liked the old quarters, the beguinage and the Kriek beer (hihi)!
    Wonderful perspective on the outskirts..

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yeah, it may not be the most exciting place I’ve ever been to, but it certainly has some character doesn’t it! (and I hope you enjoyed the beer :P)

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