I love browsing through magazine pages, especially when they’re beautifully styled with gorgeous illustrations. I’d like to share some work from Lesley Barnes, a renowned UK fashion illustrator. I could just look at her illustrations for hours, I genuinely admire her style. She truly has an excellent eye for the loveliest colourful compositions. The third one is my absolute favourite.

Check out more of Lesley Barnes’ work here.

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  1. wooww!! you are amazing with illustrator, your pictures are amazing, vivid and creative.. I have always found it kind of hard.. thanks for sharing.. great post.. 😀

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  3. Love the designs, wonderful.

    Start life at Central Saint Martins in London studying Fashion / Textiles but
    now work as SEO specialists. (dont say it). MAD!

    As a fashion designers who know how to mix different media together to bring art together

    I still paint, and try to bring the fashion side into my art. http://www.artworkonline.co.uk

  4. Illustrations are one among the complicated creation of an artist. And when we look at the art on it whoahh we may see the heaven in it, because though it looks complicated it might have 1 purpose but a 1000 ideas and endless emotions and meanings. I really like all especially : 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th.
    Glad to see this and Best Wishes.

  5. Hi! Am the 87th respondent! Proof enough of the dazzling work. Thank you for enriching the blog. Your blog is a stylish place to be. Hope to stare at it for longer hours. Meanwhile, you could sneak up my blog. Thanks and a brilliant New Year to you 🙂

    Yours Joblessly,
    The Jobless Ideator

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